"When you are looking to gain an edge for your athletes Jim is the coach to seek out.”Ted Rath – Detroit Lions Strength & Conditioning

Discover The Only “Position Specific” Speed Training System Guaranteed To Start Making Your Football Players Faster IMMEDIATELY!

If You’re Missing Out On Even One of The Components Of This Comprehensive Football Speed System You’re Settling For Slower Athletes And Fewer Wins Than You Deserve!

“Recruit The Fastest Team In America.”

That phrase was posted on a sign in Florida’s Coaches’ Room when they won 2 National Championships.

Speed is that important. The team with the fastest players is going to win. Guaranteed.

The average football play lasts 5.6 seconds. Winning football is all about speed, power and explosiveness.

Yet most of the ‘speed work’ that coaches do is actually just conditioning that may help players get tougher and get in game condition…but it’s not going to make them even a half step faster.

Your Competitive Advantage

So, while all your competition is trying to pass off gassers or Junction Boys style runs as speed training, your athletes can be gaining an extra edge developing first step and change of direction as well as quickness, acceleration, separation and closing speed with my proven system.

In fact, if you want to run the type of program that competes for titles year after year after year, you must prepare your athletes with an approach that maximizes speed, agility, explosiveness and conditioning.

When it comes to winning year in and year out, think about this…

Elite football programs, from Pop Warner to the NFL, run and teach specific training progressions for developing acceleration, deceleration and change of direction speed that lead to more yards on offense…and less given up by the defense.

Of course, I understand why you might be hesitant to put any real time and effort into speed, and conditioning. You’re busy on implementing your offense, defense and special teams. And if you’re like many coaches you may be hoping that spending more time scouting, scheming and watching film will compensate for your team’s lack of speed, assuming that speed can’t really be developed and if it could it would take too much time away from everything else you need to do.

But with my revolutionary system you can actually marry your player development and your gameplan with the most effective football speed development system ever created.

New Position Specific System Revealed for Developing Faster, More Explosive and Better Conditioned Players to Dominate the Gridiron

Complete Football Speed

The Complete Football Speed System is the only Speed Training System ever developed that coaches football players to develop the specific components of speed they need to excel at their position.

The Complete Football Speed System will give you the tools you need to coach your athletes to…

  • Rapidly change direction on the fly without losing sight of the ball, opponent or play.
  • Decelerate instantly for razor sharp cuts and patterns.
  • Stop on a dime and re-accelerate so quickly defenders will be tripping over their own feet.
  • Develop fluid hips and increase route reaction speed. Why proper foot-strike will make or break your speed
  • The key to increasing stride length
  • Correcting the most common error seen with power development
  • Discover the most important aspect of speed for football
  • Learn how to transfer training results to the field
  • The key to an explosive 40-yard dash
  • 4-step approach to optimizing acceleration mechanics
  • Drills that can easily be used with a team, small group or individuals
  • How basic physics will make you run faster than ever before
  • Explode out of breaks and much, much more!

Who’s Coach Kielbaso And Why Should You Trust Him?

Hi, I'm Jim Kielbaso MS, CSCS. I received my Masters Degree in Kinesiology from the University of Michigan, but the most important thing you should know about me is, I still train athletes everyday. I’m a former college Strength Coach, I’ve written two books on speed training, produced multiple training videos and spoken at the largest coaches clinics around the country (like the Glazier Football Clinics, Nike Coach of the Year Clinics, Detriot Lions Strength & Conditioning Clinic, NSCA National Convention, IYCA National Summit, Toronto Speed & Agility Symposium, and many College and High School Footaball Coaches Clinics). I’ve been blessed to have worked with thousands of athletes at all levels of competition (youth, high school, national level, collegiate, Olympic, NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. In my 20+ year strength & conditioning career, I have worked with countless football players at every level to improve their speed and athleticism.

I work with several high schools, and I’ve even helped develop guys from high school all the way to the NFL. NFL agents regularly send me elite football players in order to prepare for the NFL combine and Pro Days, and the University of Michigan hired me to work with their graduating seniors to prepare for the same events. I also get called into major high school and college football programs to set-up or fix their current strength, speed & conditioning programs (in fact, John Calipari even had me in to work with and get his Kentucky Wildcats faster and more explosive).

Some of My Past Clients:

  • Paris Lenon – Denver Broncos

  • Antonio Gates – San Diego Chargers
  • Kyle Vanden Bosch – Detroit Lions
  • Cliff Avril – Seattle Seahhawks
  • Tim Shaw – Tennessee Titans
  • Shaun Hill – Detroit Lions
  • Andre Fluellen – Detroit Lions
  • Jake Nordin – Detroit Lions

  • Don Muhlbach – Detroit Lions
  • Sammy Hill – Detroit Lions
  • Jason Hanson – Detroit Lions
  • Rob Callaway – Dallas Cowboys
  • Joique Bell – Detroit Lions
  • Turk McBride – New Orleans Saints

  • David Kircus – NFL & UFL

  • Luther Ellis – NFL

  • Josh Miller – CFL
  • Charleston Hughes – Calgary Stampeders- All-Pro
  • Andy Mulumba - Green Bay Packers

  • Edwin Baker - Cleveland Brown
  • Jeff Heath - Dallas Cowboys
  • Sean Hooey - St. Louis Rams

I’ve also coached athletes that have gone on to excel at:

  • Notre Dame – Hockey, Football

  • Michigan State – Football, Hockey, Soccer

  • University of Michigan – Football, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Baseball

  • Illinois – Soccer, Football

  • Northwestern – Football

  • Cincinnati – Football

  • Bowling Green – Football, Baseball, Hockey

  • Toledo – Baseball, Football

  • Western Michigan – Football, Soccer

  • Central Michigan – Football, Soccer

  • Eastern Michigan – Football, Soccer

  • And athletes at Grand Valley, Saginaw Valley, Ferris State, Northern Michigan, Hillsdale, Miami of Ohio, Akron, Purdue, Dayton, Butler, Wayne State, U of Findlay, Oakland University, Albion College, Alma College, Adrian College, Michigan Tech, Northern Michigan, Tiffin, Vanderbilt, Georgia Southern, Princeton, Yale, Cornell, MIT, Georgetown, Bucknell, and many more schools.

In fact, here’s what just a few of people had to say…

Real World Results From Real People

Ted Rath

“Jim Kielbaso is one of the most well respected individuals in the strength and conditioning profession. I have been blessed to call Jim a friend and colleague for several years. Jim is extremely dedicated to bringing the best training principles to his athletes! When I need information and new ideas I go to Jim, he has an expansive knowledge base and truly knows how to get the most out of any training environment. The library of articles and books that Jim has authored are a must have for any serious coach! When you are looking to gain an edge for your athletes Jim is the coach to seek out.”

Ted Rath – Detroit Lions Strength & Conditioning
Sean Hooey

“I trained with Jim in high school where he helped me prepare for college football. I returned to Jim to prepare for the NFL, and he helped me make my dreams come true.”

Sean Hooey
 – St. Louis Rams OT
Kyle Vanden Bosch

“I really enjoy training with Jim Kielbaso. He definitely understands what athletes need and his training methods work. If you get a chance to train with Jim or learn about his training methods, I absolutely recommend you take it.”

Kyle Vanden Bosch
 – 3-Time NFL Pro Bowl Selection
Cliff Avril

“Jim Kielbaso is great at what he does. Every time I work with him I feel I feel fast, explosive and well conditioned. Jim is a very knowledgeable trainer and you should start training with him now.”

Cliff Avril
 – Seattle Seahawks DE
Andy Mulumba

“When I came to Jim to train for my NFL Pro Day, I had never broken a 5.0 second 40-yard dash.  After training with Jim, I ran a 4.78 at my Pro Day and he helped me make my dream of playing in the NFL true.  Jim is the best at what he does, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to achieve incredible results.”

Andy Mulumba – Green Bay Packers LB
Darl Bauer

“Jim Kielbaso was the first Strength Coach I ever worked for.  He is not afraid to challenge the standards and even his own beliefs as he has pursued greatness in his career.  This is what makes him one of the industry's best.”

Darl Bauer – S&C Coach: West Virginia University
Mike Zdebski

“Jim Kielbaso has worked with our football program in a number of different ways (speed, strength, conditioning, nutrition) over the years and I have seen tremendous results from everything he offers. Jim was able to take everything we were doing to another level.  He really knows his stuff and he has given our players the additional skills and techniques to play at the next level.”

Mike Zdebski
 – Head Football Coach – Walled Lake Western (MI)

What’s Included In The Complete Football Speed System?

The Complete Football Speed System includes:

  • Complete Football Speed System – Straight Ahead Speed Drills and Mechanics for Acceleration and Top End Speed
  • 40-yard Dash – Start and techniques
  • Agility Drills and Workouts (drills that actually incorporate football-specific movements)
  • Conditioning – Real life, football specific conditioning work
  • Plyos & Power Development
  • Position-Specific Drills
  • Complete Football Speed Manual
  • Sample Workouts – Customized workouts for every position

This is the only Football Speed Training Program that Breaks Down Position Specific Speed & Agility Exercises in a Systematized Format…that you can start using today to make your athletes faster almost instantly!

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Your Satisfaction Guarantee

It’s possible you may decide Complete Football Speed is not what you’re looking for: Maybe you’ll decide the sheer amount of information is overwhelming. Or you’re thrown off by making these changes to your established way of doing things.

I don’t think either of these scenarios will happen, but I want you to be satisfied. So I’m offering you a very fair ‘return policy’.

If you don’t think Complete Football Speed is worth every penny you paid for it, simply let me know within 60 days of your purchase and I’ll give you a full refund. Since this is a digital program, there is nothing for you to return, just email me and let me know you are not happy with the program.

No questions asked.

Now you don’t have to worry about the cost issue because I’m taking on all the risk. If you don’t like it, don’t want it or can’t use it, just let me know.

You’d agree that’s a fair offer, wouldn’t you?

The Complete Football Speed System

Complete Football Speed

  • Straight Ahead Speed Drills and Mechanics for Acceleration and Top End Speed
  • 40-yard Dash Training & Technique
  • Agility Drills and Workouts (drills that actually incorporate football-specific movements)
  • Conditioning – Real life, football specific conditioning work
  • Plyos & Power Development
  • Position-Specific Drills
  • Complete Football Speed Manual
  • Sample Workouts – Customized workouts for every position

This is the only Football Speed Training Program that Breaks Down Position Specific Speed & Agility Exercises is a Systematized Format.

This is an entirely digital program so grab the Complete Football Speed System now and start using today (and make your athletes faster almost instantly!)

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To your success,

Jim Kielbaso MS,CSCS
Creator of the Complete Football Speed System


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